We produced these resources because people with dementia often experience pain that is undetected and under-treated (1). This does not happen because family and healthcare providers do not care. It happens because people with dementia are often not able to clearly voice that they have pain. Often they express their pain in ways that we do not usually think of as indicating pain. For example, people with dementia who are in pain may rock back and forth, or they may withdraw from people around them. Often these actions do not get interpreted as indicating pain. Family and healthcare providers sometimes feel powerless to help because they do not know what the problem is or what to look for. Three resources are available on this website:

  1. An online presentation about pain and dementia
  2. Additional materials to give more detail about the topics covered in the presentation
  3. A toolkit for organizations who would like to put on a workshop with these materials.

The materials are free of charge but to access them you first need to register using the form below. The registration is anonymous and we will not collect any personal data about you. This registration allows the developers of the resources to assess how useful the resources are and how often they are being used. We hope you find the resources helpful and would welcome any comments you would like to share with us.


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